Industry Uses for the Ramp Rack System

Truck Accessories For Construction

The Ramp Rack is a practical construction truck accessory that is quickly gaining popularity amongst landscapers and construction workers for its versatility, flexibility and efficiency. Here’s why you should consider adding it to your repository of tools for your next small construction project.

The Benefits of the Ramp Rack in Construction

No More Trailers!

The Ramp Rack is the perfect construction vehicle accessory for situations where trailers might be overkill, like small construction work. In such instances, the cost of regularly inspecting and maintaining a trailer can eat into your budget quickly compared to a truck. For example, think about how much you would need to shell out for a trailer tire replacement.

Fitting a construction work truck with a Ramp Rack will allow you to haul your equipment easily while saving money on
the cost of regular trailer maintenance. Plus, you get to eliminate the relatively steep learning curve associated with driving a trailer.

Tilt-Deck Ramp Rack

If you’re familiar with tilt-deck trailers, then you know that a major part of their appeal is in their tiltable deck. It makes loading vehicles easy, a feature that comes in handy for construction workers who use heavy self-driving machinery. If you use driveable equipment a lot in the course of your construction work, you’d be pleased to know that a Ramp Rack
can serve as a perfect inclined plane for loading and unloading them.

Low-Cost Transportation Solution

It’s one thing to move equipment to a construction site, and it’s another to move construction materials like mulch or gravel. While large construction work will require trailers to deliver such materials, they might be excessive for small- scale projects. A construction truck is ideal for this situation, as it can easily take a scoop of gravel or other similar material.

But what if you need just a bit more space for a shed, molded plastic pond liner, gazebo or stock tank, for example? The Ramp Rack also solves that dilemma by providing a more usable area to move equipment and construction materials that may be larger than your original truck bed.

Why Should You Consider a Ramp Rack for Your Small Construction Work?

The truck Ramp Rack is an all-in-one construction truck accessory. It increases the length of your truck bed, giving you more usable space to haul construction equipment. What’s more, the Ramp Rack is designed to make loading and
unloading even the heaviest equipment easy for one person. It is easier to drive around in congested areas, cheaper to maintain and more fuel-efficient than a trailer. Ready to take your business to the next level? Contact the Ramp Rack
team today for a complimentary consultation and estimate for your truck upgrades at 301-744-9116 or via email to
[email protected].