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We have several dealers across the United States who sell The Ramp Rack and are always adding more. Find a dealer near you to see The Ramp Rack in person as well as to purchase and have it installed.

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The Ramp Rack fits flatbeds and most pick up truck beds. If you are looking to see if The Ramp Rack fits your specific truck(s) or measure your truck bed for a custom order, we provide information on how to measure your truck.

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Eliminate the Need for a Trailer with the Ramp Rack

The truck Ramp Rack is an insert that enhances the usable space of your truck bed. The Ramp Rack allows you to haul vehicles or equipment without a trailer, saving you money. It’s all completely operational with one person.

The Ramp Rack is especially popular for landscaping applications. It’s a pickup truck accessory that allows you to haul up to two commercial walk-behind, standing or zero-turn mowers.

Plus, additional racks can make room for even more equipment.

The Ramp Rack includes a truck loading ramp and fits short-bed and long-bed pickup models. Standardized Ramp Rack models will fit the following makes and models:

  • Dodge Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500
  • Ford F-150, 250 and 350
  • Silverado 1500, 2500 and 3500
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Nissan Titan

Customized truck Ramp Racks can also be fitted for flatbed trucks. As a first step, take care of measuring your truck correctly if you are considering a customized order.

The truck Ramp Rack is an all-in-one truck loading ramp. It extends three feet past the taillights of your vehicle, providing extra cargo room.

The Ramp Rack is designed with a built-in dovetail that makes loading and unloading even the heaviest equipment a one-person job. Its gate is fully spring assisted, making it one of the most helpful truck accessories around.

The Ramp Rack eliminates the costs of tags, title, inspection, maintenance, tires, and insurance costs associated with trailers. Plus, it is easier to drive a pickup without a trailer on the back. Your pickup truck will also be more fuel-efficient and safer to handle in congested areas.

Additionally, crews will save time with the easy loading and unloading capabilities as compared to a trailer.

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We ship anywhere in the USA and Canada. Installation can be completed in about an hour with 2-3 people. Coordinating accessories are available too, including lockable gas can cages, trimmer racks, hand tool racks, blower racks, line spook racks and quick-disconnect add-ons.

For commercial or personal use, the truck Rack Ramp is changing the way pickup truck drivers haul equipment.

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