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The Ramp Rack PU-100 system is a removable insert that fits 1500-3500 pickups—long and short bed. It increases the usable space of your truck bed with its patent-protected curved dovetail and ramp. The PU-100 system allows you to haul up to two commercial walk-behind, stander or zero turn mowers without the need for pulling a trailer. It is an incredibly convenient transport system that makes loading and unloading 1500-3500 size trucks much easier.

The Ramp Rack is a completely unique truck accessory. Loading and unloading your truck will be much more efficient and will save you valuable time and money. The gate is fully spring assisted to allow just one person to handle the operation, even with the heaviest equipment.

If you have a lawn mowing business or landscaping businesses, then you will be surprised by the financial, timesaving and safety benefits from using our PU-100 Ramp Rack system.

Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring you have the long-lasting, heavy-duty support needed to protect your expensive equipment. Whether that means loading and unloading equipment every day or transporting between locations on a weekly basis, you can be confident that your equipment and your operators are safe and protected.

The Ramp Rack fits flatbeds and most pickup truck beds. If you are looking to see if the Ramp Rack fits your specific truck, then we can show you how to measure your truck bed.

We have several dealers across the United States who sell the Ramp Rack and are always adding more. Find a dealer near you to see the Ramp Rack in person as well as to purchase and have it installed.

Our team is here to help with any questions you might have! Do not hesitate to contact us at 301-744-9116 or [email protected].

The PU-100 will fit the following trucks: 1500-3500.

Materials Update

As with many materials our manufacturing materials such as raw steel, powder coating powder and hardware expenses have continued to increase over the past few months. We have maintained our price as long as possible but in order to maintain a quality product we will be adding a material surcharge fee of 7%. This change will be going in effect for both direct and dealer sales. This percentage may need to fluctuate with the market price, but we are hopeful that it will drop and be eliminated as soon as possible.