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Construction work isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s hard work. And sometimes the only way to get to the end of a job is with the help of precise, reliable machinery. UtiliTough is your one-stop shop for the tools you need to excavate, break, or move solid materials.

UtiliTough serves the scenic midlands of South Carolina from our home in Newberry. We provide construction and agricultural equipment throughout middle South Carolina.

Newberry, SC is a wonderful mixture of history and rural beauty. But don’t be fooled–Newberry offers everything you expect from an exciting city. We understand the importance of the construction and agricultural industries in making Newberry such a wonderful place. That’s why we work so hard to support those who also work hard to keep everything running.

Reliable Tools for the Construction and Agricultural Industries in Newberry, SC

UtiliTough prides itself in offering tools that work just as hard as you do. And whether that includes working on a construction site or in a field, we want our customers to be confident that nothing is going to break down.

We are proud to offer the following options for construction and agricultural workers alike in the Newberry, SC area:

  • Skid Steer Loaders
  • Excavator Boxtop Whisper Series
  • Excavator Side Mount Models
  • And the parts you need to keep them running smoothly

Exclusive Inventory

UtiliTough is the only place you’ll be able to find Kanga Loaders and the Ramp Rack in all of the southeastern United States. We have a great working relationship with our partners because we trust the products they provide and they trust us to represent their expectations for quality.

Kanga Loaders are multi-task compact skid steer loaders to help complete a variety of tasks. Over 70 attachments ensure you’ll be able to get it done with a Kanga Loader.

The Ramp Rack is a must-have for workers on the move. Turn your flat bed truck into an efficient way to transport a variety of tools and machines.

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