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The Ramp Rack at St. Louis Equipment Company

Reduce Frustrations and Get to Work Faster with a Convenient Ramp Rack

Are you constantly frustrated because you need more than one truck to get your jobs done? You need one truck for hauling larger equipment and another truck for everyday jobs. Specialty trucks can be expensive for small businesses. Pickup truck accessories like the Ramp Rack can convert a regular truck into a pickup truck with a loading ramp. Using one piece of equipment to perform multiple jobs will lower your overhead costs and make your business more profitable. At St. Louis Equipment Company in St. Louis, Missouri, we carry the Ramp Rack as part of our line of equipment.

Unique Pickup Truck Accessory

The Ramp Rack was created to convert a 1500-3500 pickup to a truck with a pickup truck loading ramp. The Ramp Rack allows you to increase the usable space of your truck bed. Fitting either a long bed or a short bed truck, the Ramp Rack is a removable insert. The curved dovetail and ramp are patented, so you will not find another product like it on the market.

Increase Bed Space Without a Separate Trailer

With the Ramp Rack, you can haul up to two commercial walk-behind, stand-behind or zero turn mowers without pulling a flatbed trailer. This allows a small business to use one truck for all their hauling needs without having to buy a flatbed trailer.

There are optional equipment racks to carry things like blowers and weed eaters. The Ramp Rack also has telescoping bed rails for different size truck beds.

Save Money by Eliminating Expenses

In 2019 alone, there were over 3 million pickup trucks sold in the United States. The average cost of a pickup truck in 2019 was nearly $50,000. Purchasing, titling, inspecting and adding a trailer only adds to this cost. A Ramp Rack eliminates all those extra expenses and saves money on fuel as well. To add a truck Ramp Rack with the installation of the Ramp Rack takes about one hour. Installation of the Ramp Rack isn’t permanent, an optional “quick disconnect” allows for easy removal by one person in less than three minutes.

Buy Online or From a Dealer

In 2020, the landscape industry generated $105 billion in the United States alone. Increase your revenue by maximizing your equipment’s functionality. At St. Louis Equipment Company in St. Louis, Missouri, we carry the Ramp Rack along with other equipment you may need as part of your business. 

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