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Welcome to ProLand Tools & More, located in the beautiful town of Isabela, Puerto Rico! As the “Garden of the Northwest,” Isabela is a town on the northwest coast that offers a variety of natural beauty. Because of the multitude of beautiful swimming and fishing beaches, you might be inclined to take special care of your home’s landscaping to complement the aesthetic of Isabela. This is where our new accessories can come in handy. ProLand Tools now offers pickup truck accessories through Ramp Rack. As one of the most practical truck accessories, the Ramp Rack lets you transport your equipment without any hassle. Landscapers, in particular, appreciate this attachment because it extends your truck bed’s cargo area by three feet, and its built-in dovetail makes loading and unloading a walk in the park.

Increase Your Safety With Ramp Rack

A truck Ramp Rack offers its users multiple benefits. It eliminates the need for any experience driving with a trailer. As a result, this increases safety measures because the truck loading ramp is easier to maneuver around congested roads. It’s also more efficient than a traditional trailer because it can be easily handled by a crew of two men, saving at least 2.5 hours in loading time per week.

Become More Flexible With Customizable Options

A pickup truck loading ramp is an excellent option for landscapers in Isabela, Puerto Rico, because it’s more flexible and customizable than typical trailers. Installing it will require one or two people, and you can order a custom model if the Ramp Racks available don’t fit your particular vehicle. Contact ProLand Tools in Isabela, Puerto Rico, to find your perfect Ramp Rack among a wide range of tools that help you enhance your outdoor space in no time.

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