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If you have ever started a project only to realize you needed to use more than one truck to get the job completed, we feel your pain. For a lot of small business owners, buying multiple trucks is not an option.

Luckily, pickup truck accessories like the Ramp Rack can convert a regular truck into a pickup truck with a loading ramp. In a city like North Bay, ON, a well-known transportation center surrounded by lakes and rivers, many businesses rely on trucks to transport goods and provide services to residents. At Hamelin’s Outdoor Power Equipment in North Bay, ON, we carry the Ramp Rack as part of our line of equipment.

Incredibly Versatile Truck Accessory

The Ramp Rack converts a 1500-3500 pickup to a truck with a pickup truck loading ramp. With the Ramp Rack, you can
increase the usable space of your truck bed. The Ramp Rack is a removable insert that works with long- and short-bed trucks.

There isn’t another truck accessory like it on the market. It is easy to install and will save your small business money. There is even an optional quick disconnect in case you don’t need the accessory all year long.

Tap Into the Local Economy

In North Bay, ON, the local economy is growing industrial, commercial, and institutional operations. Many of these industries rely on trucks to transport goods and services. Think of all the additional clients your business could service when you add a Ramp Rack to your arsenal!

Buy From a Dealer

By 2024, the outdoor power equipment industry is projected to grow an additional 3.2%. At Hamelin’s Outdoor Power Equipment in North Bay, ON, we carry the Ramp Rack and other equipment you may need. Call us at (705) 497-8676 or fill out the quick contact form on our website today.

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