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Green Touch Industries in Lake Park, Florida, provides a wide range of truck rack accessories for landscapers and other outdoor contractors. Green Touch is proud to carry Ramp Rack, an alternative for power equipment users to haul their equipment on their truck instead of pulling a trailer.

An Affordable Alternative to Trailers for Lake Park Lawncare Professionals 

The Ramp Rack allows you to transport power mowers in your pickup truck bed instead of purchasing and hauling a trailer. The truck ramp rack is made of a heavy-duty steel grid and lasts for many years. Operators only need five pounds of pressure to lower the rack, and a curved design prevents wheels and other parts of your mower from getting caught while loading the truck. The pickup truck loading ramp can be locked to avoid accidental lowering or theft of the equipment.

Landscaping in Lake Park

A northern suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Lake Park is home to 8,500 people in Palm Beach County. It is an excellent destination for those who enjoy beaches, boating, fishing, and a vibrant downtown district full of restaurants, shops, museums, and theaters. Lake Park is ideal for those with a passion for the great outdoors. Discover this welcoming town on your next trip to Florida — and stop in at Green Touch Industries when you do!

Green Touch Industries and — Truck Racks and Accessories for Landscapers

For over 32 years, Green Touch Industries has been engineering and building racks and accessories for landscapers. Purchase your next Ramp Rack, tie-down straps, safety gear, and accessories for landscapers and other outdoor contractors at our retail location at 100 N. Federal Highway in Lake Park. For more information, visit our website or email our team at [email protected] today.

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