The Ramp Rack at DLTC Equipment

Swap Unruly Trailers for the Agile Ramp Rack

When it comes to making the most of your truck’s hauling capabilities, the innovative Ramp Rack is your ready-made solution. Designed to fit flatbeds and the majority of pickup trucks, the truck Ramp Rack is a versatile hauling and truck loading ramp solution for truck drivers today. With a variety of pre-made and custom models available, truck drivers can easily find ramps that suit their vehicle’s specifications. Thanks to the Ramp Rack, drivers do not have to worry about using heavy, cumbersome trailers that make traveling a chore. Now, it is easier than ever to load and transport heavy equipment in the bed of your truck, all without breaking a sweat.

DLTC Equipment, Bridgeport’s Proud Ramp Rack Supplier

With nearly forty years of experience serving the Bridgeport, CT area, DLTC Equipment is proud to offer a broad selection of Ramp Rack solutions. With an unwavering commitment to fantastic commercial and residential landscaping services, DLTC Equipment provides Bridgeport with superb products that simply make life easier. As a Ramp Rack supplier, DLTC Equipment has a large inventory of pickup truck accessories that can accommodate many different vehicles. DLTC’s range of truck accessories contains all the tools and services you need, alongside exceptional customer service. From game-changing truck Ramp Racks to landscaping services, DLTC Equipment is eager to make your next project a reality.

Unmatched Utility and Convenience for Connecticut Communities

Because of Ramp Rack’s versatility and agility, it is the perfect solution for truck drivers in the Bridgeport, CT area. Whether you are hauling equipment out to the port or weaving in and out of rush-hour traffic, the truck Ramp Rack is a remarkable tool that will save you time, frustration, and resources. What is more, the Ramp Rack is built to last and resist erosion over time. Not only are you guaranteed to enjoy a convenient pickup truck loading ramp for years to come, but you will also benefit from faster travel time without a hefty trailer. Take the next step toward a simpler future with the Ramp Rack in the bed of your truck.

Save Money by Eliminating Expenses

In 2019 alone, there were over 3 million pickup trucks sold in the United States. The average cost of a pickup truck in 2019 was nearly $50,000. Purchasing, titling, inspecting and adding a trailer only adds to this cost. A Ramp Rack eliminates all those extra expenses and saves money on fuel as well. To add a truck Ramp Rack with the installation of the Ramp Rack takes about one hour. Installation of the Ramp Rack isn’t permanent, an optional “quick disconnect” allows for easy removal by one person in less than three minutes.

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