How To Become a Dealer for The Ramp Rack

If you have a passion for building a better pickup truck and the skillset to install vehicle additions, becoming a dealer for The Ramp Rack is the next step to earning additional income.

We sell high-quality, durable truck ramp racks and other truck accessories that optimize the pickup truck loading ramp and truck bed. Dealers have the ability to profit from a high industry margin. We also provide free and fast shipping to our dealers and your customers.

More Reasons to Be a Ramp Rack Dealer

We have no inventory requirements and will promote your business on our website’s listing of dealers. Our goals are to provide pickup truck owners with valuable products and give them access to incredible dealers in their area.

Lighter weight and more affordable than standard trailer options, truck ramp rack extensions are highly marketable. Our bestseller is the standard ramp rack, but we also offer custom-fit units. Additionally, we make an assortment of pickup truck accessories that appeal to contractors that need to transport equipment. The potential to attract niche markets is endless. There is even more opportunity for product installation. Dealers charge their own fees for service.

What Are the Next Steps?

Ideally, those interested in becoming dealers already have the resources and knowledge required to install products. That includes team and facility capacity to install units. We also like our dealers to purchase a display ramp rack unit and implement it in your service department to assist customer education. Finally, depending on your state, we ask you to provide sales and use tax exemption.

If becoming a dealer for The Ramp Rack piques your interest, you can learn more about our company and products on our website. For the complete list of information, you can visit the official Dealer Information sheet. To sign up for our program, visit our Become a Dealer page or contact us at (301) 744 9116 or [email protected]