Industry Uses for the Ramp Rack System

Hauling and Junk Removal Truck Accessory

Your truck is a powerful vehicle, capable of transporting heavy and bulky items with ease. But sometimes, even your trusted truck is outmatched by a hauling or junk removal job.

How can you complete the task without multiple trips or seeking out a larger truck? That’s where The Ramp Rack comes in. This game-changing truck accessory seamlessly attaches to the bed of your truck, both increasing your truck’s surface  area and providing an effort-reducing slope.

Let’s take a look at some specific ways The Ramp Rack improves your junk removal or haul-away services.

Get Your Time and Money Back

If your truck isn’t big enough for the job, you have a few options.

First, you can take more than one trip back and forth to complete the hauling or junk removal. Alternatively, you can rent  a bigger vehicle to fit everything. Or, you can buy a trailer to act as a hauling unit. Unfortunately, all three of these  options drain you of either time or funds.

The Ramp Rack is as efficient as they come. With this simple and affordable extension to your truck, you can get the job  done quicker and with less of an impact on the budget. With the additional time, you’re then able to add more junk  removal and hauling jobs to the pipeline, further bolstering your business.

A Better Choice Than a Trailer

The Ramp Rack functions in a similar way a trailer might — you’ll have lots more space to fill for your dirt hauling job, for  example. However, the Ramp Rack is far simpler than a trailer.

With a Ramp Rack, you can skip the cost of additional tags, inspections, insurance and tires — all expenses that drain  your wallet if you’re using a trailer. Furthermore, the Ramp Rack is easier to drive with and more efficient than a trailer.

In other words, the truck Ramp Rack is a cheaper and easier option than a trailer for your junk removal and hauling  needs.

Custom Solution for Your Particular Truck

The Ramp Rack is available in industry-compatible fits, so it will most likely already fit your truck like a glove. However,  should your vehicle require unique attention, you can also customize it to your individual truck’s specs.

No matter what truck you have for removing junk or hauling, the Ramp Rack will take its effectiveness and efficiency to the next level.

Level Up

Before the job is too big, upgrade your truck with a Ramp Rack. Find a dealer near you or shop the Ramp Rack and any  accessories in our online store. Still have questions? Call us at (301) 744-9116 or send us an email at  [email protected].