Frequent Asked Questions

What you can haul will depend on your specific vehicle’s payload. It is important not to overload
your vehicle!

  • The Xtreme Series (PU-100, PU-200 & PU-300) are rated for 2000lbs.
  • The ST-100 is rated for 2500lbs.
  • The SPORT is rated for 800lbs.

DOT # it depends on your local laws and regulation in your state. In most states this does not require a DOT #.

Yes, our Sport model will fit light duty trucks with a 2” or larger receiver hitch – including a Ford Ranger.

The Xtreme Series units are interchangeable between full-size pickups. They have telescoping bed rails and can even be installed on either a short or long bed without any additional parts or modifications.

The SPORT can be installed on either a full-size or light-duty truck (with a 2″ or larger receiver hitch) without any modifications.

We ship to anywhere in the continental US and Canada.

Please visit our Truck the Ramp Rack Fits to determine if The Ramp Rack will fit your truck.

Our PU-100, 200 & 300 models fit 1500-3500 pickups with 2″ or larger receiver hitch (Ford, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, 2007 or Newer Tundra).

Our ST-100 model fits flatbeds, dump trucks, box trucks with 2″ or larger receiver hitch.

Our Sport model fits pickups with a 2″ or larger receiver hitch – including light-duty trucks.

The shelf is 18″ above the bedrails.

To ship in the U.S. shipping is $259 to be shipped to a commercial location with a way to unload. It is also $259 to be shipped to and picked up from the closest YRC Terminal. To be shipped to a residential location, it is $359 and a lift gate is required.

Yes, but you will need to contact us to place your order. Please call 301-744-9116 or email [email protected]

This will work with 6″ lift, but ramp may potentially be more of an incline. If you want to determine the incline of the ramp just measure from the ground to the bed height of truck and subtract 7″ (the dovetail). From that point, hold a 72″ board to the ground that will be the slope of the ramp.

Please visit our Find a Dealer page and put in your address to find the closest dealer to you.

Yes, as long as your Tacoma has a 2” or larger receiver hitch the SPORT model will fit your truck.

Yes, we offer financing through QuickSpark. Here is the link to apply.

We try our best to keep Xtreme Pickup Series and Sport models in stock at all times. However, we can experience shortages during the Spring Rush. Most orders are shipped within 2 business days. ST-100 units are made to order and take approximately 3-4 weeks lead time.