QD-100 Quick Disconnect 1500-3500

The Ramp Rack eliminates the need to tow a trailer for 1500-3500 pickups. It is possible to temporarily remove the ramp in the standard configuration with the QD-100 quick disconnect assembly. 

The QD-100 is one of those truck accessories you wish you purchased when you bought the Ramp Rack. It includes a custom jack to hold the ramp in place so you can remove the linchpin by yourself. In addition, the crank handle makes extending the jack a breeze. 

You can purchase the QD-100 quick disconnect assembly when you order the Ramp Rack or later as a separate truck accessory. 

The Ramp Rack fits flatbeds and most pickup truck beds. If you are looking to see if the Ramp Rack fits your specific truck, then we can show you how to measure your truck bed. 

We have several dealers across the United States who sell the Ramp Rack and are always adding more. Find a dealer near you to see the Ramp Rack in person as well as to purchase and have it installed. 

Our team is here to help! Contact us with any questions you have at 301-744-9116 or [email protected].