ST-100 : Specialty Truck Unit (Flatbed, Dump Truck, Box Truck)


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This unit is made for Specialty Trucks including but not limited to flatbeds, dump trucks and box trucks.  The dovetail and ramp are 80″ wide and have a weight capacity of 2500lbs.  The ramp is 6ft with a 2ft extension for easy loading.  Sides are not included but can be purchased separately as an option. A quick disconnect option is available for this unit (QD 200)

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Materials Update

As with many materials our manufacturing materials such as raw steel, powder coating powder and hardware expenses have continued to increase over the past few months. We have maintained our price as long as possible but in order to maintain a quality product we will be adding a material surcharge fee of 7%. This change will be going in effect for both direct and dealer sales. This percentage may need to fluctuate with the market price, but we are hopeful that it will drop and be eliminated as soon as possible.