The Ramp Rack at Campbell’s Lawn Equipment

Help Yourself Thrive with The Ramp Rack

The Ramp Rack presents the ultimate solution for transporting heavy equipment. One of the best pickup truck  accessories, it extends the usable space of your truck bed and features a convenient truck loading ramp. Eliminate the  need for a trailer by installing a truck attachment that provides ample space for moving expensive equipment. 

Our team ensures that everyone obtains a truck ramp rack that suits their vehicle. This attachment fits flatbeds and most  pickup trucks, and we provide instructions on how to measure your truck’s dimensions before you make your purchase.  Transport your equipment with unprecedented confidence using The Ramp Rack, found at several retail loca/ons in the  United States.  

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Forest Park, GA is a vibrant city that allows its citizens to flourish. Silng just south of Atlanta, this innovative community  offers an ideal place for people to build their futures. Each citizen wants to create an active and inclusive place where  people work together to succeed.  

You can help achieve this vision by doing your part to maintain the beauty of Forest Park. Foster gorgeous green spaces where everyone can live and play using Campbell’s quality lawn equipment and one of the most convenient truck  accessories you’ll ever find. Discover The Ramp Rack online or visit Campbell’s Lawn Equipment in Forest Park to check  the amazing product in person.

Nurturing the Beauty of Forest Park

With the Ramp Rack, you can haul up to two commercial walk-behind, stand-behind or zero turn mowers without pulling a flatbed trailer. This allows a small business to use one truck for all their hauling needs without having to buy a flatbed trailer.

There are optional equipment racks to carry things like blowers and weed eaters. The Ramp Rack also has telescoping bed rails for different size truck beds.