What Mowers Does the Ramp Rack Fit?

Adding a Ramp Rack to your pickup truck can increase your truck bed’s utility and allow you to haul larger equipment. The Ramp Rack’s products allow for ease in transporting large equipment, such as mowers. However, it is critical to check your vehicle’s GVWR to ensure you are not exceeding its weight capacity.

How Much Can Your Pickup Truck Hold?

As a general rule, F150 – 1500 series trucks can hold one commercial mower, whereas F250 – 2500 and up can hold two. The Xtreme series of pickup trucks can fit up to a 48-inch mower in between the wheel wells and up to a 54-inch mower in the back. Weight-wise, these trucks are suited to haul 2000 lbs. For heavier loads, the ST-100 series allows you to haul up to a 72-inch mower and is rated for up to 2500 lbs.

Once you understand the limits of your truck, you can find the perfect truck Ramp Rack and additions to suit your needs. The Ramp Rack has equipment for virtually every pickup vehicle, including specialty trucks. With a wide range of truck accessories and Ramp Rack models, increasing your truck’s space and functionality has never been simpler. Lighter weight than the majority of alternatives, especially trailers, you will not have to worry about the Ramp Rack contributing to an overload.

Benefits of the Ramp Rack

In addition to reducing the weight load, adding a Ramp Rack to your vehicle will add efficiency to the job at hand. While trailers require titles, tags and inspections, Ramp Racks are quick to install and are less of a hassle to maintain. The Ramp Rack also offers customizable units, so regardless of the type of pickup you have, a truck Ramp Rack will be accessible. Installing Ramp Rack equipment also improves the function of your loading ramp, reducing strain, time and energy of loading and unloading equipment.

The Ramp Rack’s products are available through our online store or through finding a local dealer. For more information about purchasing a Ramp Rack or pickup truck accessories, you can visit our website, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 301-744-9116.