How to Measure Your Truck for a New Ramp Rack

There are many pickup truck accessories out there, but what makes the ramp rack truly interesting is its ability to improve the usable space of your truck bed.

A ramp rack should conform to the dimensions of your truck. However, since there are so many truck manufacturers out there, you might need to order a custom-made ramp rack just for your vehicle. The implication of this is that you’d have to put on your measuring hat and get to work.

How Do You Measure Your Truck for a New Ramp Rack?

Five measurements are key to getting the perfect fitting truck loading ramp — let’s call them A to E.

For length A, you want to measure the distance from the top of your deck to the ground. Next, you want to measure the distance from the ground to the center of your truck’s receiver hitch, let’s call that length B. For C, measure the distance from the top of the deck to the center of the receiver hitch. You’d notice that B and C combined should roughly equal A.

Next, measure the overall width of the deck from edge to edge for D. Lastly, E is the distance from the back of the flatbed deck to the hitch pin hole. You may want to note that E could be positive or negative. The former is what we’ve just described, for a hitch that protrudes past the deck, while the latter would occur if the hitch is recessed.

Reduce Frustration and Make Loading Easier with Ramp Racks

A ramp rack eliminates the inspection and maintenance costs associated with trailers. It’s easier to drive and its ease of loading and unloading is timesaving. If you’re considering getting a new truck ramp rack, browse our inventory at Our Ramp Rack has telescoping bed rails for different size truck beds, so we can deliver a custom-made rack just for you.