Ramp Rack

What Trucks Does the Ramp Rack Fit?

The Ramp Rack is designed to serve as one of the ultimate pickup truck accessories, which means we made it fit most trucks. Our Xtreme Pickup Series (the PU-100, PU-200 and PU-300) will fit any domestic 1500-3500 short-bed or long-bed pickup because of where and how it attaches to your truck. The Ramp Rack connects to your truck in five places: at the front two stake pocket mounts, rear two stake pocket mounts and the 2” receiver hitch. Thanks to this design, the pickup truck loading ramp will fit the Dodge and GM (Chevy and GMC) 1500-3500 and Ford’s F150-350. This truck ramp rack will also suit Toyota’s 2007 and newer Tundra short-bed and long-bed trucks.

What If I Don’t Have a Pickup Truck?

Our truck ramp rack aims to make transportation easier no matter the type of truck you have. The Ramp Rack also offers a Specialty Truck Series (ST-100) made specifically for single rear-wheel (SRW) and dual rear-wheel (DRW) flatbeds, box trucks and dump trucks. The 80” width of the ST-100 allows you to load and transport large cargo, such as a 72” lawn mower, golf carts or ATVs; without any hassle. You also can easily transform your truck when needed, since the plate is bolted to the back of the bed and the ramp attaches to the plate with pins. Simple, quick, no problem.

Custom Orders

We aim to do our best by our customers and recognize that the listed Ramp Rack might not suit every make and model of truck. If you find that the truck ramp rack designs offered on our website do not work with the truck you have, we can create a custom Ramp Rack to fit your vehicle. On our website, we offer directions for measuring your truck, complete with a diagram and a list of the exact measurements you’ll need. Once you have the five necessary measurements, you can send the dimensions of your truck bed to [email protected] to start discussing pricing and the timeline for your custom Ramp Rack.